Understanding the health effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can dramatically help prevent the use and abuse of these substances. Scientific and evidence-based research can inform and inspire our behavior and policies. Our Facts page provides the latest research, articles and information. Craving more facts? Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for regular updates.

General research and studies exploring the health, societal, economic and legal impacts of substance abuse.

Details the health effects of alcohol, especially on the developing brain. Also addresses the impact of the alcohol industry through advertising and marketing.

Addresses the health effects of tobacco and the adverse influence of the tobacco industry. Provides information on VT-based tobacco cessation programs.

Based on the latest research, explores the health effects of smoked marijuana and hashish, especially on youth. Also includes information and details on changing VT marijuana policy.

Rx Drugs
Explores the health effects of Rx drug misuse and solutions for prevention.

Other Drugs
Details the health effects of other drugs such as heroin, molly and synthetic pot.