Tips & Tools

The Parent Tool Kit: How to Connect with Your Kids
Tips on how to talk to your teen, how to be a better listener and how to build a stronger bond. Includes a Grand-Parent Guide as well as a very informative Drug Guide for Parents.

Check out The Family Check-Up
Very user-friendly, includes videos and skills practice exercises. Focuses on conflict & communication, limit setting, encouragement and negotiation.

A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain.
Explores the science behind teenage brain development. Helps parents better understand mood swings risk taking and what is “normal teen behavior.” Includes videos, interactive segments, and great advice from experts.

PACER Center
Offers information for families of children and youth with special needs. Contains one of the best resources to address the issue of bullying.

7 Tips for Connecting with Your Teen
Easy-to-follow guide for communicating and connecting with your kids. Includes sample conversation starters.

Parents 360 Rx Toolkit
This amazing toolkit geared towards parents and caregivers consists of a video, discussion guide, documents and is available to individuals and organizations at no charge. While medicine abuse is the focus, the discussion may be guided to include other substance abuse topics as needed.

Common Sense Media
How is the media influencing our children? What are ways to understand these influences and protect our kids? Check out this well-researched and interactive site for parents and families. Includes reviews of movies, books, games, music and as well as tips, tools and research.